Outdoor Digital Signage

So you’ve installed Digital Signs in your QSR’s dining room and you’re asking yourself, “why did I wait so long?” Everything is so much easier! Breakfast is over and lunch is about to start? – just press a button on that app on your smartphone, and the lunch menu appears. ODDSame thing if there’s a new daily special or a limited-time offer. Since you make even more revenue from your drive-thru than you from the dining room, why not order a few more of those same Digital Menu Boards and extend the digital revolution to the drive-thru lanes?

The Requirements Are Different!

It’s a tough world out there, and the same Digital Displays that provide exemplary service in the air-conditioned, indoor world of your dining room just won’t cut it in the cold, cruel world outside. Your outdoor Digital Signage will have to endure extremes of heat and cold, as well as rain, snow and humidity not encountered by your indoor Digital Signage in their safe, secure, climate controlled environment.

There is also the effect of sunlight, which at different times during the day may well shine directly on the display. Outdoor Digital Menus will need to be far brighter and provide far greater contrasts than do their indoor cousins. In addition, it needs to be easily viewable from a wide range of perspectives, because viewers in cars at different places in the car queue will be viewing the outdoor Digital Display from different viewing angles

Don’t Let Down Your Drive-Thru Customers

The two main things that drive-thru customers demand are convenience and speed of service. A Digital Menu Board that is hard to read will mean that when drive-thru customers reach checkout, they will have questions. This will eat up time, and kill your throughput.

It is for these reasons when you are ready to upgrade your drive-thru lanes with Digital Menu Boards, make sure that you install Digital Signage that has been specifically designed to perform in the tough, outdoor environment.

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Gary Elinoff