Optimize Your Digital Menu Boards

One of the greatest things about drive-thru Digital Signs is that you can change the entire message that you present to your customer instantly. Prices for drive-thru Digital Signage have come way down, while resolution and picture quality have gone up even faster. [Read more...]

Speeding Up the Drive-Thru Lane

The QSR drive-thru lane has been a big part of American culture for decades now and is the source of two-thirds or more of the typical restaurant’s revenues. And, as simple and prosaic as it may seem, there is a lot going on here. [Read more...]

Pratfalls to Avoid with Drive-Thru Digital Menus

You’ve made the investment in drive-thru Digital Signage, and you’re already reaping some early benefits. You can now effortlessly day-part your message to your customers, and instantly change your menu depending on the time of day, the day of the week or even the weather. [Read more...]

Outdoor Digital Signage

So you’ve installed Digital Signs in your QSR’s dining room and you’re asking yourself, “why did I wait so long?” Everything is so much easier! Breakfast is over and lunch is about to start? – just press a button on that app on your smartphone, and the lunch menu appears. [Read more...]

LI Bagel Cafe Opens first NYC Location with Help from Origin Displays

December 26 2012 Long Island, NY – On December 28 2012, Long Island Bagel Café will cut the ribbon on their first New York City location.  This new upscale deli is located at 125 Fulton Street in the Financial District, a stone’s throw away from Wall Street.  Serving all of the staple deli items including kosher bagels and chopped salads, LI Bagel Café has also expanded their menu to include loaded knishes, gourmet soups, crepes and more for this location.  When you walk in for the first time you’ll notice that no expense was spared on the look and feel of the overall interior design.

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3 Tips to Help Make Your Digital Menu Boards Stand Out

In a White Paper on FastCasual.com, entitled “Three Strategies to Make Digital Menu Boards Stand Out In a Crowd,” author Richard Slawsky discussed the increase in overall sales seen as a direct result of properly deployed menu board systems. Slawsky says, “According to industry experts, the deployment of digital menu boards can lead to overall sales uplifts of as much as 5 percent or more. In addition, spotlighting a promotional item on a digital menu board can boost the sales of that item by as much as 60 percent.”

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