Make Things Hum at your QSR with Digital Signage


There are so many moneymaking, time-saving and customer-friendly strategies you can take advantage of if you employ a Digital Display System. Most of them would be difficult or impossible to implement without these flexible conveyances.

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Great things you can only do with Digital Signage


Digital Display Systems allow for Complete Message Control. Unlike with old-fashioned printed or painted menus, you can change your message at any time with a mouse click from your laptop or even from an App on your smartphone.

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Simple Facts to Keep in Mind about Digital Display Systems


Perhaps the first thing to keep in mind as you are making the move to Digital Signage Displays is to be cognizant of the way people are used to consuming the printed word. 

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QSR Kiosks and Millennials – a Match Made in Marketing Heaven


If you own a QSR, there’s no doubt that your most important customers are the millennials. That’s because there are almost one hundred million of them in America today, and because of their busy lives, they also eat out more often than any other demographic.

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Digital Menu Boards – Easily Changing your Menu is only the Beginning


On the most basic level, Digital Menu Boards are like oversize, over-tough computer screens. The very first thing that QSR management will take advantage of is the fact that it’s so easy to change the message.

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Yet Another Reason to Switch to Digital Display Signage


The new nutritional rules are here. QSRs are going to have to start posting nutritional information, most especially calorie counts, on their menu boards. It’s a big problem if your menu board is printed or painted.

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Digital Menu Boards Can Boost Sales In By Adapting To Changing Conditions


Digital Menu Boards can adapt to changing circumstances in many ways. The effect will be faster service, greater throughput, and more sales.

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Day-parting and Upselling – Two Surefire Winners For Digital Menu Boards

It’s very easy to be overwhelmed by the possibilities that Digital Display Signage offers to QSR management. Customers can be treated to colourful pictures of food, animations tied into advertising, or even cartoons to entertain children.

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Digital Drive-Thru Menu Boards – Giving Your Bottom Line A Boost

Thinking of investing in a digital Drive-Thru Menu Board? Well then – congratulations! Survey after survey has affirmed that it won’t take long to earn back your investment. In fact, the typical location can count on an increase in revenue of 5% or better almost immediately.

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Videos And Images Of Delectable Food

Food vid

An image of a cheeseburger oozing mushrooms, onions and melted cheese on your Restaurant Menu Board will make your potential customers’ stomachs rumble and their mouths water. 

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