Digital Signage for Schools

Digital signage at any level of education serves a broad audience: they can be used in the cafeteria to list menu items, in the school store to sell merchandise, and in the hallways to convey sport scores, emergency messages, upcoming events, and campus news.  Additionally, educators can use this medium to communicate to students, staff, parents and the community. Depending on how much “fun” you wan to have with it, the possibilities are endless.  However, noticeably absent from this list is the benefit digital signage can have on the nutrition and eating behavior of the students staring up at the screens.

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4 Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Digital Menu Board

So you’ve made the plunge and decided to switch to a digital menu board in your drive-thru, fast food restaurant, or coffee shop. What can you do to make sure that you’re using it to its greatest potential? [Read more...]

Honest Digital Drive-Thru Menu Board Perspective

Let’s start with some transparency, I love digital signage. It is the way of the now and the foreseeable future. Digital signage has been hovering around for several years suggesting that “this is going to be the year” where the snowball finally gathers the momentum to run over the traditional signage in it’s path. Although it hasn’t squashed all or even most of static posters, banners, panels and cabinets that you still see today, there is no denying the spike in the last two years.  With this growth has seen countless companies enter the same digital signage space, some of which are pretenders (i.e. graphic designers with a media player) and many other contenders.  It doesn’t take the contenders, or even an every-day-Joe, much to realize that digital signage is poised to expand and adapt to applications where it has never been used before. Enter “Digital Drive-thru Menu Boards.”

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An Alternative to Email Memos? Digital Signage in the Workplace

Let’s be honest: no one likes getting a corporate memo in their inbox, especially if you’re one of the people whose unread messages always seem to be in the triple (or even quadruple) digits.  Chances are, employees of your company aren’t reading all of the emails they get.

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3 Reasons to Use Live Feeds With Digital Signage

One of the best ways to keep the attention of repeat customers is to make sure the content in your digital signage changes regularly, and a great and simple way to do that is to incorporate a live feed.  What are the benefits of a live feed? [Read more...]

Calories & Menu Boards: What You Need to Know (Part 2)

Last time, we talked about the FDA rules about showing calories on menu boards, in plenty of time before the December 2016 deadline.  So now that we know what the rules are, let’s talk about how to integrate calorie counts into your digital menu board, and make sure you don’t scare off calorie-counting customers! [Read more...]

Calories & Menu Boards: What You Need to Know (Part 1)

If you’re in food service, you might be starting to get nervous about the FDA requirements that govern how calorie counts must be listed on menu boards.  As the December 1st 2016 deadline approaches, if you haven’t already gotten moving, you might be getting really nervous.

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What’s Coming in Digital Advertising: Developing Trends

As technology develops, we want to keep an eye on what’s to come. It seems like digital technology is advancing at an ever-increasing pace these days, and the digital industry is keeping pace with it.   [Read more...]

Graphic Design: The Key to Catching Eyes with Digital Signage

So you’ve got your new digital sign installed and you want to put it to work. But what’s the best way to capture attention? A poorly-designed display could end up boring viewers and doing the opposite of what you want.   [Read more...]

Digital Signage in the News: February Roundup

Every month, there are a multitude of new and exciting things happening in digital signage, and we detail a few of them here.  The second roundup of digital signage news in 2016 comes to you with exciting technology education initiatives, emotional engagement with retail, and even aliens! [Read more...]