Digital Signage Monthly Fees & What it Gets You


The dreaded monthly fee;  the chief concern when it comes to digital signage for some.  When it comes to pricing, it isn’t uncommon for this to be the first questions asked, “are there any monthly fees?”  I am not here to tell you that the only viable and true solutions are those that carry monthly […]

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A “Costly” Menu Board Mistake


A lot of the conversations start the same; “hi, I am looking for an idea on cost for digital menu boards. “Well of course the chat continues on to determine their particulars, budget and most importantly their objectives. The twist in a lot of these instances is when the price is presented for a system […]

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Digital Menu Board Support: Who Has Got You Covered?


The dreaded monthly fee. Wait-a-minute, maybe I shouldn’t be so dramatic as we’re seeing more and more people adapt to the idea. There are a number of reasons for monthly fees, 1- cloud-based access, 2- software as a service (SAAS), 3- support, etc. Today I would like to focus on #3.  The point is not […]

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4 Reasons to Avoid Used Menu Boards

No Warranty

A few months back and really out of no where, when you Google “menu boards” eBay became the first company to come up.  When you click on the link and check out some of the available (cough, cough) menu boards, you can see that you’re able to pick something up for relatively cheap- which is […]

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5 Tips to Minimize Your Menu Boards Research


We love talking to people when they call in looking for menu boards.  They come in all different shapes and sizes.  Some are looking for a large scale digital roll-out and others for a single counter display. Though no matter what they might be looking for a lot of people don’t have a plan for […]

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5 Ways to Prepare for Your Menu Board Install


There tends to be a decent chuck of time that passes from when you begin to think about a new menu board system until the time it is ready to ship. You have to identify the company, the product, get the design done, revised and then ultimately approved.  They it hits the production queue and […]

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More Random Menu Board Thoughts


In my attempt to come up with a sole direction for this blog I just kept coming up with a mixed bag of talking points which on their own weren’t worthy of a whole post.  So I thought to myself, “Well it’s been a while since I have been random.”  So without further adieu, here […]

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Breaking Down Menu Board Lead Time


“Yesterday”- this is what we are frequently told when we ask when our customers for their menu board need-by date.  After a shared chuckle we have to break the news as to what their expectations should be regarding the time that elapses from start to finish. 

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3 Drive-thru Menu Board Tidbits


Adding or having a drive-thru menu board could be one of the best things for your quick-serve restaurant.  It is an additional revenue stream, allows you to serve more customers and elevates their satisfaction.  However, if not given adequate thought it could prove to be both a sizable opportunity and investment wasted.  The anatomy of […]

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5 Menu Board Company Misconceptions


Everyday we get a lot of calls from all walks of life.  From college kids working on a project to someone working a business plan to single restaurant owners to large companies.  The line of questioning comes in from all angles and the responses are based on those we are talking to. It is without […]

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