5 Items That Will Increase Your QSR Sales

It is the nature of the SEO beast that companies like ourselves are quite often found online for menu boards, drive-thrus, and digital signage.  As a result, the conversations and the emails that are sent back and forth are often centered around one of those items.  Make no mistake about it, when it comes to quick-service-restaurant signage these are of the greatest importance.  They are the hub from which you can directly affect purchasing decisions in a way that meets your preference.   [Read more...]

4 Thoughts Regarding Deli Menu Boards

Delis are unique when compared to your typical quick-service restaurants in that they usually have a lot more offerings when it comes to choosing what to eat. Here in Long Island NY, it seems that you’ll find a deli on each and every street corner. Having been to several in my time here, I have noticed that when it comes to the menu board signage, one of three scenarios plays out; 1- there is way too much, 2- there is none at all, 3- the content is barely relevant.  If you hadn’t already made the assumption, none of these situations are ideal. Through a conversation I shared just yesterday, it got me thinking more and more on this deli + menu board equation.    [Read more...]

4 Steps to Guide the Signage Process

When it comes to signage we see it time and time again where there simply isn’t enough thought put in to getting the most bang for your buck.  “I need menu boards,” or “I need an outdoor sign with my company name on it,” are examples of the conversation starters we constantly hear.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it certainly gets the dialogue going, but if you are looking for more insight or direction on the appropriate course of action, you’d better make sure you are dealing with the right company.

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Measuring Your Cost of Time When it Comes to Menu Boards

Earlier this year I was at a seminar where one of the speakers (whose name escapes me) outlined various steps on how you can determine who your best clients are.  Although I had more than one take-away from his presentation there was one that stood out.  Often time’s businesses think that their best clients are the ones that generate the greatest amount of revenue for the company.  In some cases this is true.  However what this speaker stressed is that beyond the revenue, beyond the costs of goods sold (COGS), and beyond the profitability, you must consider your (valuable) time.

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Origin Display Group Prepares for Business Expansion

June 27, 2013 Long Island, NY – Origin Display Group Inc., a leading supplier of indoor, outdoor, and digital menu boards is excited to announce their plans for an aggressive business expansion in to various markets and verticals within the next 3-6 months.  With sound footing in the quick-service restaurant industry, Origin has been strategizing and planning their plunge in to other areas for the better part of a year.

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‘The Barn’ Takes Over Long Island with the Help of Origin Displays

April 30, 2013 Long Island, NY – Origin Display Group Inc., a leading supplier of indoor, outdoor, and digital menu boards is proud to announce their working relationship with The Barn drive-thru convenience stores on Long Island.  This partnership was established in June 2011 and Origin Displays continues to work with The Barn as they take over stores throughout the area.

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Origin Displays Selects Contest Winner

January 31, 2013 Origin Display Group Inc., a leading supplier of indoor, outdoor, and digital menu boards, has selected Islip CrossFit as their contest’s winner. Back in November Origin Displays targeted non-food related companies and challenged them to explain, in 500 words or less, their signage needs, their company mantra, and why they should be considered for $1000 worth of free signage.

Islip CrossFit is owned by a small number of partners and will be opening in Islip New York in March 2013. It will be located off Located off of Saxon Ave in Islip NY. This gym will adopt many of the traditional CrossFit training methods.

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LI Bagel Cafe Opens first NYC Location with Help from Origin Displays

December 26 2012 Long Island, NY – On December 28 2012, Long Island Bagel Café will cut the ribbon on their first New York City location.  This new upscale deli is located at 125 Fulton Street in the Financial District, a stone’s throw away from Wall Street.  Serving all of the staple deli items including kosher bagels and chopped salads, LI Bagel Café has also expanded their menu to include loaded knishes, gourmet soups, crepes and more for this location.  When you walk in for the first time you’ll notice that no expense was spared on the look and feel of the overall interior design.

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Menu Board Glossary – Part II

Display Fixtures

Counter Displays- When you have run out of window and wall space for your marketing pieces, counter displays are often used right around the point of sale. These displays are typically pretty small and are often used for daily specials, flavors, etc.

Easels- Think of an artist and the canvas that they paint on. What holds that canvas is called an easel.  In the restaurant industry, easels are used for a variety of reasons but are usually placed just outside the front door of the restaurant or in the waiting area.

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4 Lived and Learned Menu Board Experiences

Living and learning from experiences are a part of everyone’s life.  Even my father who “jokingly” claims that he is right 90% of the time allows himself 10% room for error. It is simply a fact of life - no matter how much or how little thought you put into something, there is always that possibility that it doesn’t work out the way you expect.  Shed in another light, there are instances when people choose to duplicate actions they have done in the past because the result was exactly what they had hoped and expected. This is usually done in blind faith without considering what other options may be available to them.  In each scenario, we have come across instances that we have been able to rectify and/or guide in a more effective way. The purpose of this blog isn’t to pound our chests but to point out goings-on that we see all the time goings-on that you would probably like to avoid.  The following four situations have come up in the last 2 months.

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