Free Standing or Wall Mounted Drive-thru?

When going about setting up your drive-thru lane you may find yourself in one of three scenarios:

  1. New build/design which provides you the greatest deal of latitude in regards to setting up your lane.
  2. Adding a drive-thru to an existing location through a remodel which limits your ability to do whatever you’d like
  3. You’ve inherited a pre-existing drive-thru location that often defines where you’re going to place your drive-thru from the outset. [Read more...]

Important Factors When Deciding On a Drive-thru Menu Board

When beginning your search for a new drive-thru menu board it is important to consider a number of factors that will minimize your long-term frustration.  Much like other products, the price is the main concern for many when “looking around.”  [Read more...]

Drive-thru Menu Board Ordering Process

Setting up your drive-thru lane can be much more straight forward than people think. The key to doing it the correct way is to accomplish certain items in a roundabout order.  [Read more...]

Bluetooth Drive-thru Headsets? Not so Fast

Recently it has come to light that one of our competitors is selling Bluetooth drive-thru headsets for pennies on the dollar.  They also claim to be working with ‘x’ and ‘y’ monster QSR chains.  Let’s dig in on this for a moment.

[Read more...]

Drive-thru Headsets- Which One is the Best?

There are three major players in the drive-thru headset world; HME, Panasonic and 3M.  Having worked with all three systems we’ve come to learn a thing or two about each of them.  As it goes for other things in life there is always that “cost/benefit” analysis people often struggle with.  [Read more...]

3 Reasons to Use On-Board Housing for Your Drive-thru Speaker & Mic

It seems that with greater frequency people are asking to have their speaker and microphone as a part of their drive-thru menu board.  Is this doable? Yes.  Is it ideal? No.  The reasons vary but can be summed up in short order. [Read more...]

Maintenance for Drive-Thru Equipment

It’s cold out there, and when it’s not too cold, then it’s too hot. Either that or its raining, snowing, or windy. And that’s why it’s so tempting to ignore maintenance for the drive-thru lane. [Read more...]

Moving Customers Quickly Through the Drive-Thru Lane

For the owner or manager of a quick service restaurant, your drive-thru is your lifeline, because that’s typically where upwards of two-thirds of your revenue comes from. [Read more...]

Indoor Screens Won’t Cut It In the Drive-Thru Lane

In the last few years, many QSRs have made the change from outdated painted or printed menus to indoor Digital Signage, which proved to be a smart move, considering the flexibility, time saving and revenue raising advantages that they provide. [Read more...]

The Digital Revolution Meets QSRs

Modern QSR management is constantly looking for ways to speed up the process of the drive-thru customer placing her order, paying for it and ultimately receiving exactly the meal that she ordered with no errors. [Read more...]