Digital Menu Boards Yield Healthy Bottom Lines & Happy Customers

One of the key factors promoting the adoption of Digital Displays by QSR executives is the ability for the central office to control exactly what appears on all of their Restaurant Menu Boards. [Read more...]

Enhance Your Customer’s Experience with Digital Signage

Instantaneous Menu Changes. One of the great advantages of Digital Menu Boards is that management can change the message they present to their customers effortlessly and conveniently from their smartphone or laptop. [Read more...]

If You Haven’t Switched to Digital Signage Yet, Why Not?

Digital Menu Boards can make your QSR run more smoothly, generate more revenue, and make the dining experience more fun for your customers, and more profitable for you. Here’s how. [Read more...]

The Many Advantages of Digital Display Signage

You can do almost everything more quickly and easily with Digital Signage Solutions. Here are just a few examples. [Read more...]

Digital Menu Boards – the Marketeer’s Edge

Digital Menu Boards are becoming more and more widespread, and are now the hallmark of forward-thinking, progressive QSR management. [Read more...]

Considerations for Specifying Your New Digital Display System

Digital Menu Boards give QSR management unprecedented flexibility. Now, you can offer limited-time specials or new menu items every day, once a week or whenever you choose to. [Read more...]

State-of-the-art Digital Signage in QSRs

People are in love with technology, especially the young. A whopping 40 percent of the critical age group for QSR restaurants, 18 to 44 year-olds, actually name technology as one of the factors they consider in their choice of where to dine. [Read more...]

How to Deploy Digital Signage Effectively

Did you know that between 35% and 40% of your customers already know what the want to order before they even step (or drive!) across the threshold of your QSR? [Read more...]

Digital Signage – So Many Ways to Drive Revenue

If you’ve bought Digital Menu Board for your QSR, congratulations, you’ve already taken a great first step. Digital Signage is sleek, modern and as new as today, and they’ll have the positive effect on your revenue flows even if you do nothing other than replacing your tired, old and outdated painted and printed signs. [Read more...]

Entertainment Takes the Pain Out of Waiting

Modern Americans just hate to wait, and they won’t tolerate it, but if people are entertained while they are waiting, it’s a proven fact that a four-minute wait time will feel like a three-minute wait time, and frustration goes down accordingly! [Read more...]