Digital Signage in the News: February Roundup

Every month, there are a multitude of new and exciting things happening in digital signage, and we detail a few of them here.  The second roundup of digital signage news in 2016 comes to you with exciting technology education initiatives, emotional engagement with retail, and even aliens! [Read more...]

What’s Coming in Digital Advertising: Developing Trends

As technology develops, we want to keep an eye on what’s to come.  It seems like digital technology is advancing at an ever-increasing pace these days, and the digital industry is keeping pace with it.   [Read more...]

Digital Signage in the News: January 2016 Roundup

New developments in digital signage are happening all the time, all over the world! We’ve collected a roundup of all the most interesting news about digital signage that’s come out this month.  2016 has had a great start! [Read more...]

Calories & Menu Boards: What You Need to Know (Part 2)

Last time, we talked about the FDA rules about showing calories on menu boards, in plenty of time before the December 2016 deadline.  So now that we know what the rules are, let’s talk about how to integrate calorie counts into your digital menu board, and make sure you don’t scare off calorie-counting customers! [Read more...]

Calories & Menu Boards: What You Need to Know (Part 1)

If you’re in food service, you might be starting to get nervous about the FDA requirements that govern how calorie counts must be listed on menu boards.  As the December 1st 2016 deadline approaches, if you haven’t already gotten moving, you might be getting really nervous.

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Menu Boards- What We Saw in 2014

As we get set to bookend another year (crazy) we always like to take a look back at some goings-on and trends that have happened over the course of 365 days.  In that time we have seen a lot, some of which is good and others not-so-good.  Either way, when you sit back and analyze what has transpired it is crazy to think that it all happened in 2014.

In this blog we’re not going to hit you with hard stats and charts about where things are going from where they’ve been.  It is more subjective; through sales on our end, things we’ve read and thousands of conversations we’ve had.  So without further adieu, take a read of what we’ve seen and let us know if you agree.

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Menu Boards: Functionality Versus Budget

For a moment, imagine drawing a graph with “Functionality” on the Y axis and “Budget” on the X axis.  From the bottom heading north on the Y would be a list of menu board capabilities and functions that continues to grow.  Clumped within would be a series of menu board systems that could accommodate the capabilities.  Along the X would be dollar amounts starting at say $250 (per panel) that increases as you venture right.  The “Functionality-Budget”  line would be drawn on a 45 degree angle from the corner of the Y and X axis point. [Read more...]

Recent Goings-On in the QSR Industry

In order to help you stay up-to-date on what’s going on in the restaurant industry, we have dedicated this week’s blog to scouring the QSR Magazine, Fast Casual Magazine and Digital Signage Today’s of the world to provide you with what we see as some of the most interesting and recent industry news.  A lot of times, reading articles like the ones below can help take your mind to areas you had never considered for your own concept.  Take a read, our hope is that you’ll get some takeaways.   [Read more...]

Origin Display Group, Point-of-Purchase Leader, Launches New All-Access Website

Long Island, New York 

Origin Display Group, a Long Island-based leader in the menu-board industry, announces the launching of the first of a series of new websites, designed to offer unprecedented accessibility for clients.

“We are very excited to have launched our new Menu Boards website,” says Partner Vic Pereira. “This is phase one in a wave of four new sites that we are developing and will be refining in order to provide greater accessibility to our first-class products and services.”   [Read more...]

Popingo’s Upgrades Digital Signage with Origin Displays

Origin Display Group Inc., a leading supplier of indoor, outdoor, and digital menu boards announced today that they have completed the design and integration of their Origin Elite menu board system, powered by SmarterSign, for Popingo’s Convenience Stores.

What will start as a new four screen set-up at a single location, it will conclude as a roll-out to their subsequent locations.  Origin Elite was selected by Slade Klack, Popingo’s Vice President of Operations, after he viewed demonstrations of three other companies.  With a digital system already in position Slade had clear objectives when searching for its replacement.

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